Christmas is (nearly) here!

“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.” - Dr. Seuss

You are our fav!

Join the Festivities!

We are counting down to Christmas (since last Christmas!) We are so thankful and blessed that you are interested and have supported us.

Below are a list of gifts we have prepped for you this year for the next 2 months. We can't wait to spread the cheer together!

Please take a look at the description and fill in the form directly. You as a creator, has shown your creativity in so many ways through your content, we admire how you celebrate the little things in life and the story-telling of them. You are our chosen one when we think about gifting.

Early Nov

The beginning of it all

Naughty or Nice

This is the official invitation to our 2023 Holiday Season! "Naughty or Nice?" Your answer to this question is what we and Santa are trying to find out.

The gift includes a new mug that can reveal your answer, along with an interactive game... (be ready!) This will be really fun to show on your story and tease about Christmas.

*To our mama friend, we also designed a kid's version of the game - if you'd like to have your kids participate in this, please let the Christmas elf know in the form below.

Nov & Dec

a gift for an occassion

Open This When..

This is a gift that will get you right into the holiday spirit, we designed a few occasions for you to open these gifts. Each of them could all be a little surprise!

Gifts in here can be opened starting from the day you receive it in November and all the way to December, we want to be there with you the whole Christmas season.

*The image here is a mockup, we will confirm with you when you sign up for this gift.

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