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The best things happen when we…

We are here to celebrate you.

Big and small events in your life, your relationships, the food you love to eat, the space that makes you happy, your dreams, your passion, people that matter to you, things you care about, and all that you are. 

Create, inspire, connect, and celebrate. We are so happy you are here, because we want to be your favorite gift shop, and that can't be done without you! So please, let us know what you think x

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Mindful Giving

We are taking our baby steps in creating consciously. Eco, ethical, sustainable ... these words are being used so much that we aren't sure how to put it, we just know, it is with all of us, that we can make changes together.

More stories to be shared soon 🥂

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We want to work with artists, creators, and anyone who is feeling what we are feeling!