About Our Baubles

Celebrate in Details


Each year we crafted our baubles with love and the utmost Christmas spirit, We understand the significance these hold for you and your loved ones.

Our commitment to quality shines through in the mindful design of each bauble. By upgrading from the usual plastic to durable steel, alongside our signature blown glass, we've created ornaments that are not just classy but also resilient and shatterproof. Each bauble is spray painted with care by hand, and the personalization is done by our beloved Christmas elves.

Crafting Every Detail by Hand


Our personalized baubles undergo a bespoke process right from the beginning. Unlike the one-font-fits-all approach, we offer three distinct styles, including two modern calligraphy options for that touch of festive magic.

Each bauble order is then individually designed, making sure every words get the perfect layout. and the premium vinyl cutting is done in-house before adhering them onto the baubles by our skilled Christmas elves, ensuring that every bauble becomes a lasting keepsake of your cherished memories.

the unique touch

How to Personalized

Every Christmas, we design the collection inspired by our favorite Christmas memories. Alongside the timeless classics, we introduce limited colors annually, allowing you to choose shades that resonate with your decor theme or the preferences of the recipient.

Select your preferred colors, customize the font style, type in your words of choice, and voila! Your personalized bauble becomes a unique reflection of the holiday joy.

Packaging Perfection

Our Signature Packaging

Our bauble always, always arrives to you in a box, that is perfect for storage of gifting. Each box has a label space at the bottom to keep you organized.

For those choosing our popular gift box bundles, the magic of gifting is effortless. The foldable design adds flexibility for all occasions, ensuring that your thoughtful presents are ready to spread joy wherever they go.