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Things I Love about You

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What is your love languages?

It might be making them laugh, remembering their favorite drink, food or restaurant, and giving advice when they need help.

It might be spending time together, and giving them your undivided attention, picking out something meaningful, and giving it out as a gift, speaking up about what you love about them, and showering them with compliments.

Express love

We all express our love in different ways

but the one thing we share is that there are always tons of reasons why we have affection for those we love.

It might be because they make you laugh. It might be because you see them spending extra effort on knowing your interests. It might be because they give you a hand when you need one.


the little & big things

It might be because

you can always count on them to catch you when you feel like falling, might be because they choose to stay after knowing who you really are, might also be because…

they are who they are.

Your Unique ways

Find your love languages

So many ways of being loved by and loving someone, so many ways of expressing it, what’s the most important is that your loved ones know you feel this way. Be blunt or be implicit, shout or whisper, reveal what’s hidden deep down in your heart, and make this love glow under the lights.

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1. Choose the color, there are 3 options

2. Choose the size.

3. Choose the keyword (Are you expressing "like" or "love")

4. Enter how many things you'd like it to say on the wall print

5. Enter all those things :)

1. The number - It could be 22 things on someone's 22 birthdays or a unique number you'd like from 1-100

2. The content - Write down all the big and small things you like/love this person.