Sun-Kissed Celebrations: How to Host the Dreamiest Summer Picnic

Sun-Kissed Celebrations: How to Host the Dreamiest Summer Picnic

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It's that enchanting time of the year once again when the sun shines bright, the cicadas serenade us with their cheerful symphony, and there's a sense of endless possibility in the warm summer air.

As August started, it’s time for a midterm check-in — Have we really taken the time to enjoy the summer magic to its fullest?

I can’t help but feel that sometimes we take this dreamy season for granted, and before we know it, it slips through our fingertips like golden sand. And for that reason, last week our team at Frames of Butter decided to embark on a picnic adventure to fully soak in the glory of the summer season. We had a wonderful time, and we encourage you to do the same. So let’s seize the day together and make the most of every sun-kissed moment!

Hosting the Dreamiest Summer Picnic

To make your picnic preparations easy and breezy, we’ve decided to share our ultimate Butter Picnic Checklist so that you can be well-prepared for the dreamiest summer picnic ever!

The Butter Picnic Checklist

◻︎Picnic mat - preferably one with a whimsical pattern that sets the tone for the dreamy picnic!
◻︎Picnic basket - the kind that evokes nostalgic feelings and has room for all the goodies you'll be bringing along
◻︎Drink glasses - Butter’s personalized champagne glasses were perfect for this occasion!
◻︎Utensils - to dig into all the tasty food

◻︎Charcuterie board - not only is it appetizing, but it also makes for the perfect photo op
◻︎Pastries - croissants, donuts, brownies, whatever your heart desires! (make sure to decorate them with some lovely cake toppers for an extra touch of charm)
◻︎ Chips - for that satisfying crunch
◻︎Fruits - think juicy watermelon slices and tangy mango goodness
◻︎Drinks - you can’t go wrong with bubbly!

◻︎Games - card games, board games, or even charades
◻︎Portable Speaker - to blast your best picnic jams (here is our picnic playlist for some inspiration: Check it out here)

Most Important of All:
◻︎Good company - the heart and soul of any picnic

Now find the perfect spot under a big shady tree, lay out your picnic mat, and let the magic begin!


Our Summer Picnic

For our picnic, we made sure to blast Taylor Swift’s best summer tunes to gear up for the Eras Tour. We also made sure to have some fun creating the perfect picnic setup and engaging in an outdoor photoshoot to capture the beautiful moments. Here are some of our favorite shots:

And of course, we chatted while snacking on all the goodies that everyone brought in for our picnic! We stayed at the park from afternoon to sundown, really taking in all the shifts and changes in the sky as the hours passed by.

This summer picnic truly allowed us to embrace the wonders of summer. It reminded of us the joy of having good company, the beauty of summer nature, and the magic of simple moments.

We hope that you can also find that same sun-kissed delight by hosting your very own dreamy picnic this season! Cheers!

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